Historic Menlo Park Carousel

Carousel Building

In 1895, an open-sided building with a dirt floor was erected to house the carousel.  In 1896 shutters and a wooden floor were added.  That original building is still in place today, although it has undergone minor renovations and ultimately the major renovations of 1995-1996. 
Abandon pipes beneath the floor suggest that the carousel was at one time powered by steam .  it is believed that a single steam plant powered both the carousel and the former toboggan ride nearby. 

Perkasie Carousel

A carousel with hand-carved wooden -horses was purchased in November of 1891 and delivered in May of 1892.  The purchase price was $5,500. The manufacturer is unknown. In 1892-1894 the carousel operated under its canvas canopy from Decoration Day to Labor Day and then was stored away for the winter. 
On September 18-19, 1893, the carousel was taken apart and loaded onto two freight cars at the railroad siding at Park Avenue and shipped to Allentown, where it would run during the Allentown Fair. On October 2 and 3, 1893, the carousel was returned by freight car to the railroad siding, and the carousel was returned to Menlo park to be stored away for the winter. 
​The original carousel continued to operate until 1951, when it was replaced by the current carousel.
Park owner, Henry S. Wilson, purchased the current carousel new from the Allan Herschell Company of North Towanda, New York in 1951. The carousel is a portable Spillman Engineering design and can be dismantled and moved.All the horses are “jumpers”