General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting


It’s been a couple of weeks since our General Membership Meeting at the Down to Earth Cafe. The energy is the room was amazing – we need to keep that momentum going!

We are reviewing each and every one of the suggestions that were made. Some of them are no brainers – this e-newsletter one of them. You’ll see another one further down — the beginnings of a comprehensive community calendar! We want PTIA to be your go-to source for events in the area.

Some of the other ideas brought up at the General Membership Meeting are more long-term and require thoughtful consideration. We are excited about the possibilities! 

Who we are: (from left) Joe Ferry, Director of Development; Laurie Heuckeroth, Treasurer; Cathy Weierbach, President; Robin Schilling, Resident Liaison; Priscilla Gray-Stoll, Secretary; Michelle Shire, Business Liaison; Karen Chellew, Vice President; Jamie Roman, Graphic Designer.

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