The Perkasie Facade Grant Program

Put a New Face on Your Business. Grants are available now!

The Perkasie Towne Improvement Association Board of Directors is pleased to make available up to $5,000 in matching funds to eligible businesses to renovate, remodel, or revive their building fronts with certain improvements, including awnings, lighting, signs, and painting. The grant money does not need to be repaid but must be used according to program guidelines.

The Facade Grant Program provides grants to commercial property owners — or business owners with property-owner approval — to encourage restoration of building facades per the Facade Grant Design Guidelines Booklet. Grants are available within the Program Area and are intended to:

  • Stimulate private investment in Perkasie properties
  • Enhance the appearance of Perkasie’s shopping areas and foster an attractive environment for customers, driving economic benefits for small business owners and a more competitive and economically viable business district
  • Attract new businesses
  • Preserve and, in some cases, restore Perkasie’s architectural heritage.

The Perkasie Towne Improvement Association has created a Facade Grant Design Guidelines Booklet, which establishes a set of design principles to ensure that improvements are consistent with the scale, character, and history of a particular neighborhood and town as a whole. These design principles stress good maintenance of existing original architectural features and compatibility of replacement architectural elements and any new additions.

The booklet is not intended to cover every situation nor solve every problem, but it does offer basic information about physical improvements that have proven to be effective in revitalizing other commercial districts through Pennsylvania.

In March 2021, Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (SPHO) determined that Perkasie Borough’s downtown area is eligible to become a National Historic District. While the designation will not regulate how owners maintain their properties, we strongly encourage property owners to adhere to state and county guidelines regarding appropriate renovations for historic buildings. Properties in the Historic District may be eligible for historic preservation tax credits and preservation easements.

Do not begin work without approval from the design committee. State guidelines require that we cannot consider an application after work has begun. Please carefully read the application process below before you apply.

The selection of Façade Grant recipients is based solely on project merit and not on financial need. Only commercial properties and external improvements are eligible. Grants will be made based on approval from the Perkasie Towne Improvement Association Board of Directors, based on appropriateness of design, impact on the Program Area, and order of receipt of Applications.

The Perkasie Towne Improvement Association Facade Grant Committee will review applications and determine eligibility using the PTIA Facade Grant Eligibility Criteria, and Facade Grant Guidelines. The Board of Directors (with oversight by the State Department of Community and Economic Development) has sole discretion for approving and distributing Façade Grant funds. At no time shall the Perkasie Towne Improvement Association Board of Directors choose to deny approval to an applicant who has otherwise met all the Requirements of the Facade Grant Program Guidelines

Projects will be evaluated in terms of quality, design compatibility, and level of visual impact. Individual property owners and authorized tenants, lessees, etc must match the Grant dollar-for-dollar with private investment monies.

  • A single property owner can receive a grant of 50% of eligible project costs, up to a maximum of $5,000.
  • A single property owner can receive more than one grant if he/she owns more than one property.
  • If a property owner seeks and receives a grant, a tenant in the same building can also receive a grant if the total amount does not exceed the grant maximum.
  • A tenant can apply for the full amount with the consent of the property owner.
  • A joint façade improvement project (with three or more adjoining properties that share a common wall) is eligible for grants up to $3,500 per property or 50% of the total project cost, whichever is less.
  • All work must conform to local and state ordinances; permits from the Borough of Perkasie and permission from the property owner will be required, if applicable.
  • The applicant must submit documentation to the Perkasie Towne Improvement Association Façade Grant Committee substantiating the total and final cost of the work, and that the work is complete.
  • No more than three grants will be approved per property/business owner per year, based on the application approval date.
  • All work must be complete within 6 months from the grant approval date; otherwise, the grant will be forfeited. An extension may be granted under certain circumstances.
  • The Perkasie Towne Improvement Association Façade Grant Committee will continue to accept new applications until such time as all grant money is allocated. Any newly available funds would be advertised to property owners via appropriate means.
  • Project costs are inclusive of appropriate Pennsylvania sales taxes.

The following improvements, when visible from the public right-of-way, are eligible for funding:

  • Exterior Doors and Windows
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Decorative Architectural Enhancements
  • Exterior Signage
  • Exterior Paint
  • Exterior Woodwork, Masonry, and Brickwork/Pointing
  • Building Restoration and Renovation
  • Removal of Inappropriate Materials and Additions on Building Surface to Re-expose Original
  • Architectural Features
  • Professional Design Assistance – if the project is implemented and completed
  • Awnings
  • Dumpster, Trash Screening, and Fencing
  • Approved Murals

Projects that are NOT eligible include:

    • Routine Maintenance Projects
    • Interior Renovations and Improvements
    • Plastic Signage / Window Decals
    • Roofing or Siding Repairs
    • Sidewalks, Driveways, or Parking Lot Repairs
    • Improvements to Sides and Rear of Buildings
    • Landscaping 
    • New Building Construction

All complete applications received by the first day of each month will be reviewed by the PTIA Facade Grant Committee for a decision at the Board of Directors’ regular meeting on the fourth Friday of the month. Applications received after the first day of the month will be reviewed no later than the following month. 

Property and business owners are encouraged to arrange a pre-application meeting with the Façade Grant Committee. Bring your application form, filled out as completely as possible, to the pre-application meeting. A pre-application meeting is not required to submit your application but can help to answer questions and reduce uncertainty.

Submit the following material to complete your application:

  • Completed application form, including property owner’s signature.
  • Photographs showing the existing/current building façade.
  • An 8.5”x11” sketch plan, indicating the final completed project. The plan must reference all materials being used on the project. An architectural rendering may also be submitted but is not necessary.
  • A Contractor Estimate and a current Certificate of Insurance for all contractors performing work on the project prior to the start of work.


The following materials should be submitted after project completion to ensure reimbursement:

  • Photographs showing the building façade – sidewalk to roof – before and after the improvements are complete.
  • Copies of all canceled checks (front and back) made out to contractors. 
  • Copies of final invoices signed and marked PAID – invoices must include contractors’ license numbers.
  • Copies of all approved zoning and building permits from the Borough of Perkasie
  • Written explanation of significant differences between the estimates and final invoices, if necessary. 
  • All paperwork must have the address referred to on the grant application on each page and each page must be numbered.
  • Please provide high-resolution before and after photos for our website and social media, as we will include these façade improvements in Perkasie marketing projects and news releases.

All work must be completed within six months from the grant approval date, otherwise, the grant will be forfeited.

The Façade Grant Committee will stop accepting new applications at such time as all grant monies have been allocated. Grant monies that were not distributed will be made available to new applicants in a second grant round, and any newly available funds will be advertised to all Perkasie Borough businesses via email.

Reimbursement requires that projects adhere to the design plan and/or approved project submission. Any necessary changes to the project proposal MUST be discussed and pre-approved by the Façade Grant Committee. Change requests must be submitted in writing and written approval of changes will be returned to the applicant following the Committee’s review.

The Façade Grant Committee reserve the right to inspect projects upon completion before approving final reimbursement. Should there be a difference of opinion or a dispute between the applicant and the Façade Grant Committee after the project is completed, the applicant will be offered the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Façade Grant Committed to discuss the issue and present their position.

The Façade Grant Committee and the Perkasie Towne Improvement Association Board of Directors shall make the final decision as to whether the completed project meets the requirements. Should reimbursement be denied the applicant will have the opportunity to correct any items in the reimbursement application and resubmit it for review, acceptance, and reimbursement. Reimbursement funds will come directly from the state, not from PTIA. There could be a delay between the completion of your project and receiving reimbursement.

Facade Grant Program Contact Information

For more information, or to schedule a Pre-Application meeting, contact Mike Engard, Chair of the Façade Grant Program Committee at (215) 715-3916 or by email